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Let your loved ones know how you’re doing. So Please, Just Check In.

Just Checking In allows loved ones to stay connected without having to exchange lengthy calls, texts, or video conferencing. Our app prompts you to check in daily, and if you forget, your chosen contacts will be alerted.


Improve your sports betting by researching the day’s games, discussing picks with your friends, and following your favorite handicappers. Research the day’s games in-app with our elite data. We go beyond the basic data you find everywhere.


The smart choice for your healthy life.

With DaalVaat you can make your own meal plan. You can customize it as you diet. You can also direct order from the available menu. All the transaction is passed by our ultra-secure wallet.


HeartLive is Live Streaming app for Video calls with people and make friends. HeartLive is a live video streaming social Application. It allows you to live stream your special moments.
Full of surprises with random chats, funny photos and short videos, and group live chat.

Bookit List

Build your list either from a list of experiences and achievements that are on most people’s lists, copy an item from your friend’s list, or create your own goals. Use the Explore page to find pre-researched list goals for you to add to your list, these will show you the cost of doing them, where to book, and what is involved.