8 Cheapest NFTs That you should buy now. This will make you rich in 2023.

8 Cheapest NFTs That you should buy now. This will make you rich in 2023.

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What is the cheapest NFT that I could buy today?

Before answering this, I want to ask you another question. 

Should you really buy cheap NFTs?

What if you can’t sell your cheap NFTs again? Or your purchased NFTs are becoming cheaper and cheaper at an uncontrollable rate?

Don’t worry. 

I have something for you. 

I have a collection of some stable NFts which are relatively cheaper. You can consider them. 

I am saying again, these are relatively cheaper. Not just cheaper.

So let’s start.

Loopy Donuts

10,000 creatively painted doughnuts set out on an adventure to get off the shelves of dreary donut shops in Loopy Donuts. 

Randomized items and rarities make each trip unique.

A variety of flavors, haircuts, and accessories are available for these doughnut animals. In addition to that, they cost almost as much as a dozen of the sugary pastries!

Loopy Donuts NFT


This lineup is quite similar to the Bored Ape NFT lineup, however instead of an ape, a person serves as the model. 

In each individual piece of artwork, the cartoon character is simply dressed and accessorized differently.

Genzee NFT


AutoRAD may make you rethink your decision to buy. They seem to be a jumble of geometric forms and lines arranged in a haphazard manner. 

In a variety of hues and backgrounds, they are available.

Bitcoin’s lowest-priced coin was worth 0.115 ETH or $321.11. Perhaps this will become as popular as the Bored Ape line. Investors should be aware of the dangers of NFTs.


Space Capsules

Due to the novelty of the idea, it comes in second place among the most promising low-cost NFT initiatives. 

This is due to the fact that one NFT requires the combination of two additional NFTs!

Random digital artwork of an extraterrestrial may be obtained via the Space Capsules NFT. NFTs from the collection of Space Capsules and Transponders may be used to accomplish this goal.

The only way to find out what you’ll receive is by combining digital art from various NFT collections. Because yours is likely one of a kind, determining a fair market value will be simpler.

Space Capsules NFT


If you’re searching for NFTs that are easy and inexpensive, this could be a good option for you. 

10,000 pictures of pixelated cartoon animals were developed by NFT artist Yohei Nakajima, who transformed them into digital assets.

They have the appearance of video game characters from the 1980s. PixelBeasts NFTs may be counted by the number of pixel blocks they include. 

So far the most cheap NFTs you can get are these.

At the time of this writing, the cheapest one cost 0.018 ethers. For just $50.26, you may begin your quest to amass a sizable collection of NFTs.

PixelBeasts NFT


After a time, the choices in NFT markets start to blur. When compared to other NFT paintings, Encryptas is more reminiscent of traditional fine art.

It’s hard to miss the contour of a woman’s wide shoulders on each Encryptas NFT. The skin tone, haircut, hair color, apparel, and accessories of each individual are unique.

Similar to the Bored Ape NFTs, they seem to be typical people wearing everyday clothing. As long as the art style doesn’t change, you won’t see them sporting gold teeth.

When this article was written, the lowest-priced Encryptas art was worth 0.039 ETH, which equates to $109.18. The cost was derived from the OpenSea platform, as was the case with the other submissions.

Encryptas NFT

Flyfish Club

The Flyfish Club, another business initiative, offers something rather exceptional – the world’s first exclusive private dining club for NFT members alone.

In New York City, there will be a 10,000-square-foot private dining area for those who possess one of these sculptures. 

A table for up to eight non-token visitors may be reserved as part of the regular membership. 

You may also invite a visitor to the V.I.P Omakase room with the Flyfish Omakase option, which has the same bonus as the Flyfish Omakase.

Flyfish Club NFT


Users will be able to buy property in the project’s virtual worlds and build a stable for their horses there. NFTs are used to structure this land, which can be exchanged and monetised in the Silks marketplace. 

With each new year of trade, new groups of horses are created, which correspond with the release of ‘Yearlings’ in the IRL market.

Silks’ governance token, $SLK, is used to reward miners for validating data, helping to verify the data’s integrity. 

Changes and movements will have a significant impact on the platform’s DAO because of this token’s linkage.

Zed Runs is a notable NFT in the horse racing area. Racehorse NFT on the blockchain just sold for $125,000. Initially, horses were priced at about $30, but by the time the site launched in 2019, they had soared to a high of $125,000 and were often priced at over $15,000. 

As of this writing, around 11,999 horses have been purchased, with an additional 8,000 being manufactured since that time.

Silks NFT

Final Words

Cheap NFTs are out of the question for me. What if you can’t sell it because the market doesn’t value it as much as you do?

As a result of the high cost of NFT jpegs, many individuals are considering investing in Coval Token or Rarible Token(RARI), which would provide them exposure to the NFT market as an investment.

Maybe you should choose that path.

But if you really want to know What is the cheapest NFT that I could buy today, I have summarized the entire thing in this blogpost.

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