Best Solana NFT Marketplace [Don’t Miss The List]

Best Solana NFT Marketplace [Don’t Miss The List]

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So we’re here to help you decide on the best Solana NFT marketplace.

Let’s imagine you can buy the best piece of art, 3d paintings, illustrations, mint calendars, NFT projects, NFT collections, etc. You can become an individual seller in a marketplace where you don’t even need to go to an ‘existing’ market. 

Here is the list of best Solana marketplaces. You can call these the trendy marketplaces on Solana as well.

  1. Solanart  
  2. DigitalEyes 
  3. Metaplex
  4. Magic eden 

It’s like a dream has come true, isn’t it? Solana NFT marketplace is the best marketplace in metaverse where you can both buy and sell NFT. 

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As a decentralized, open-source blockchain, Solana uses a unique hybrid consensus approach to speed up transactions. 

Many digital content producers, investors, and entrepreneurs come to Solana to construct and showcase NFTs. 

An on-chain experience that is genuinely decentralized can only be achieved with the Solana standard for NFT coins and its minting tools. 

Cheaper for everything

Minting NFTs cost less than a dollar in Solana. This marketplace handles more than 60,000 settlements per second. It is enriched with high throughput. 

Highest Transaction Per Second (TPS)

Solana marketplace handles the highest, 2500 transactions per second. 

Blazing Fast

Because of its lightning-fast pace, settlements may be completed in minutes on any NFT platform using Solana. Solana’s fast processing speed makes it perfect for innovative use cases like Metaverse and NFT gaming. 

Eco Friendly and Free from congestion

Many decentralized applications and any Solana smart contract can be run in the Solana ecosystem, which continues to expand. 

When processing any quantity of data, there are no congestion difficulties with the platform.

Power of Reciprocity

Solana uses a wormhole to link with other popular DeFi (decentralized finance) networks. Through the wormhole, other networks may send messages from and receive. 

Thanks to the bridge, decentralized ledgers may be seamlessly transferred across platforms, initiatives, and communities. 

Their goal is to take advantage of Solana’s low prices and quick speeds.

You can look at these Solana marketplace’s websites to pick up the best Solana wallet. 

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What are the most essential features of the best Solana marketplace? 

At first, easy accessibility and technology friendliness is the most crucial feature of Solana marketplaces. Because most people are not comfortable with the ideas of NFT marketplaces. 

Ensure wallet support that will work like a moneybag for your smooth experience in the NFT buying, selling and investment process. The phantom wallet is an app that can keep track of your Solana NFT trading. 

It’s super user-friendly, and you can also buy a beautiful home for NFT collections in the phantom wallet. 

All the digital arts and NFT should be in one place and neatly organized. Because NFT trading is a risky investment as well as an expensive one. 

You should pick up a good and reliable NFT marketplace that ensures a one-stop center of trading Solana blockchain and the scope of selling and buying NFT. 

You should look for those Solana marketplaces which have comparatively lower transaction fees. NFT trading is very costly. That’s why you should be careful that the transaction fee is not out of your reach.

Flexibility and liquidity of trading NFT are significant features to look for. Flexibility to trade Solana blockchain as you like and liquidity of Solana is substantial. It increases the possibility of better storage and flow of Solana cryptocurrency.

Best Solana marketplaces 

Many NFT marketplaces use Solana as their crypto. Magic Eden, solanart, and degenerate ape academy are the most trendy now. Let’s take a look at these Solana NFT marketplaces.

Magic Eden 

Magic Eden is a trendy NFT marketplace with 10 million visitors per month. It has more than 7000 collections, including okay bears and degen dojo. It has drawn customers by magic tickets, one form of unique token. It has reasonable transaction fees, which are 2% per trade. Also, it has an intuitive design. Its popularity has also attracted many more companies to copy them. 


Solanart is also a reliable NFT marketplace like degenerate ape Academy. Solanart keeps 3% transaction fees higher than average. But it has a wide range of NFT collections with wallet support. But it gives super-fast experience in trading and buying NFT. It also requires a higher fee for creators, but it has one of the best NFT collections. 

Degenerate Ape Academy 

The degenerate ape academy is a Solana marketplace with 10000 NFT collections, meaning 10000 items. It’s a collection house that allows users to buy virtual apes that work as an interface for trading NFT. 

It’s the exception of others on this list. It’s the first-ever decentralized Solana marketplace which works as an open market for NFT traders, sellers and buyers. It solves the problem of NFT delisting and gives the creator more freedom with his creation.

It has 2% transaction fees which is the practical and fast experience of trading that has drawn attention.


It’s an open NFT marketplace, the first marketplace to be launched. It has a wide range of NFT collections. It also has mint calendars that give the NFT creators a competition floor and NFT buyers. Buyers can get special discounts if they buy the rarest NFT. The creator also receives a handsome amount of Solana if his creation is sold early. It has high transaction fees than others of 2.5%. It allows a robust platform for the users, which works as a creator portal. 

digital art


Solsea is a Solana marketplace that ensures a more creator-friendly environment. Solsea also offers to embed licensing conditions during the arrival of mint calendars, helpful tools for creators to approve the artwork. It also allows a robust platform to buy and sell NFT. Top Solana blockchain is available here. It will enable buyers for more attractive calendars to ensure that they can buy the NFT while fresh and unpurchased. But it has 3% transaction fees which can be out of reach for newcomer NFT creators.


Megaplex is a popular NFT marketplace for its decentralized on-chain application. Your NFT will face massive competition from other NFT projects in other markets. On the other hand, metaplex creates your own storefronts that allow the creator to create a platform for his own creation without being burdened with the competition.


Supadrop is a special kind of NFT marketplace. It works with primarily independent creators and small ones. Audio-video NFT, HTML, java programs etc., is supported on this website. 

Is Solana really worth it?

We’ve talked a lot and given you all the information about Solana marketplaces. Now the question comes, is it really worth it? The answer may vary from person to person. Solana is a new form of crypto that has been booming right now. But It’s a risky process to invest in the Solana blockchain. But if you are willing to take a risk, It’s a massive playground for you. 

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Final Words

It’s hard to decide the best Solana marketplace out of all these platforms. Still, solanart, megaplex, and are advanced NFT marketplaces. You can also become a virtual businessman and open your own marketplace. Opportunities are endless, so It’s the best time to utilize them.

If you want to know about the must have features of an NFT Marketplace, you can see our post.